Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2nd Annual MedStar Research Symposium

I want to thank the more than 100 investigators who presented posters yesterday and the more than 300 attendees. We had representation from every aspect of our academic health care system, including Ken Samet, our system CEO and President, virtually all of the corporate executive team and the majority of our hospital presidents and VPMA's! It was a wonderful celebration of how we create knowledge through research and advance health everyday at MedStar! Please share your experience at the symposium by posting a comment.


  1. I want to second Dr. Weissman's thanks to all who attended the symposium yesterday. It was my first symposium with MHRI and a great event with an awesome turnout. What did everyone else think?

  2. It was indeed a great symposium, and with great good.

    I also would like to thank Katie, Brenda, et al. for doing all the interviews and filming during the event. They did not have time to taste the food until the last minute. Thank you everybody who worked on the logistics. Thank you everybody who made this possible.

  3. It was a great evening! It is always nice to get out and hear about what is going on at other sites. Also good to SEE people that we only communicate with via phone and email.