Friday, April 5, 2013

Do you have all the answers?

Well, if the question is about research at MedStar, the answer is YES! You have all the answers at the tip of your fingers!

Yesterday someone asked me about resources to help with research at MedStar.  After answering his question, I realized that we need to make sure more people know about our newly launched 'Research Resource Center' on the Starport intranet site:

The first column is dedicated to research:
  1. Learn how to get your research career started at MedStar
  2. Learn how to conduct research at MedStar
  3. Find research collaborators at MedStar
  4. Learn about the research scientific services at MedStar
  5. Learn about administrative support services at MedStar
  6. Research education programs

As you see, there is also a column with information on the grant development process, funding sources, proposal writing and data portals to many of the grant funding agencies.  This site was developed by MHRI and the MedStar Grant Development teams.  Any questions, comments or suggestions to improve the site should be directed to

Please help spread the word and reference this site (and our website to anyone looking to learn more about research at MedStar.  Thanks!


  1. Thank you Dr. Weissman! The document library located under "Proposal Writing" is a great resource with all sorts of templates including winning proposals, MedStar Hospital descriptions, Hospital data, letters of support and much more!

  2. glad it is helpful and thanks for helping spread the word!