Monday, April 29, 2013

MedStar at Leisure World

Just recently, Dr Vanita Aroda  ( and I had the privilege of presenting to the Leisure World health committee.  This gave us an opportunity to learn more about Leisure World and MedStar's new involvement.

Leisure World ( is a age-restricted community in Montgomery County that was started in the 1960's and has grown to over 8500 residents. This tight nit community is extremely active with many amenities such as on-site golf, swimming pools, dining and clubhouse facilities.  They also have alot of activites for the residents.

Over the last few months, MedStar Health has partnered with Leisure World to provide a variety of health services right on Leisure World Blvd (  Because of this association, we (MHRI) was invited to present to their health committee, made up of several members from each residential section. These members are very knowledgeable since most are retired doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others with healthcare experience.

The presentation gave MedStar a chance to show the residents that we have a robust research portfolio, in virtually all aspects of medical research.  It also allowed us to share that we do create knowledge through research at MedStar, each and every day.

I look forward to furthering our discussions with the residents at Leisure World to see how our research community to join forces with their residents to advance health!


  1. The links in the posts are great, Dr. Weissman!

  2. Thanks! I will keep them coming then. Neil