Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is the UIDP?

Opening session at UIDP by
Dr. DasGupta from the NSF
UIDP stands for University - Industry Demonstration Partnership, which is part of the National Academies (where the Institute of Medicine and other prestigious academic organizations reside). In short, the UIDP is  an organization of universities, academic centers and companies who seek to enhance the value of collaborative partnerships. They do this by taking on issues that are needed for collaboration, such as contracting, education and professional development, and commercialization of discoveries. More information about the UIDP is available at:

MedStar is a member of UIDP and is playing an active role on the clinical trials project (to improve the efficiency of clinical trials) and their Ideas to Innovations workshops. We are hosting the first Ideas to Innovation workshop in June ( with our own Terry Fairbanks as workshop chair. Many other companies expressed interest in our initiative.

At its semi-annual meeting this week, I learned about many public-private partnerships, such as the NSF (National Science Foundation's) 'Discovery to Innovations' program that provides a framework for industry to realize early and ongoing value from university research through a shared research portfolio.

I also learned about 'FFRDC' (federally funded research and development centers), such as the one at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of CalTec (California Institute of Technology) and NASA which has led the exploration of Mars. Lectures about FFRDC's took place at the jet propulsion laboratory among the satellites and replicas of the Mars rover. 

How does this relate to MHRI?

Well, what I know is that medical research is a team sport and in these rapidly changing times we need to explore new types of partnerships and collaborations. This forum introduces many ideas of how to initiate and form partnerships that will be useful to our future.

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