Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Several months ago, our associates asked that members from the executive team find ways to have more interaction with associates in small group settings.  Besides 'Lunch with the President' and the 'New Hire Breakfast,' we have been making an effort to visit MHRI associates in their own environments. Every month I try to attend at least 1-2 different staff meetings or do walk and round with managers.  I know others on the executive team, such as Mary Anne Hinkson, have also been going to staff meetings and incorporating the visit with training sessions.

Today I had the pleasure to attend the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics meeting (pictured below).  I learned about the studies each person is working on and how they keep many open projects simultaneously moving forward.  Did you know they get, on average, a new request each day?  Yup, about 300 requests a year!  The research spans many clinical topics from transplantation to Ob/GYN to orthopedics.  And what they offer spans from simple consultations (such as a sample size calculations) to the development of an entire database to bioinformatic use of electronic medical records for research.  I also learned how they work closely with many of our Georgetown University colleagues (including hosting a GU masters student as an intern in bioinformatics).

Thanks team, for sharing with me!


  1. It was a great pleasure to welcome Dr. Weissman to our weekly meeting. It was very informal, informative and fun. I can say on behalf of my department that we very much appreciate Dr. Weissman's time and commitment to learn more about us and our day-to-day activities.

    Having said that, we are ready and eager to offer our research support services to all MedStar investigators! Please call us (301-560-7315) or email us (BIOSTATISTICS@medstar.net) and we will happily contribute to your studies at every step of the process.