Monday, May 13, 2013

MHRI Town Halls

Last week we kicked off our semi-annual Town Hall meetings with MHRI associates and others interested in updates from the Research Institute. Thursday was in Baltimore at Harbor Hospital and Friday we were in Washington at MWHC.

Town Halls are a great venue to provide updates and help make sure everyone stays  informed.  I enjoy town hall meetings because I get to interact with associates I might not regularly see—both before and after. I also get to answer questions in person and share an open dialogue.

After some brief system updates, most of the time was spent on sharing the results of the associate survey.  Overall, MHRI showed improvement in virtually every category as compared to the survey from 2 years ago.  I am especially proud that there was substantial improvement in communication, leadership, performance management, Total Rewards and teamwork.  What we learned from the survey is that we still need to concentrate more on professional develop and training.  Associate survey results for each department will be available in early June and I hope to use future blog posts to go deeper into the results as they relate to everyday occurances at MHRI.

We ended the Town Hall with a video of the annual symposium and a raffle. 

On Friday at MWHC, one of the associates wrote in on the meeting evaluation form that we should post the video on our website so others can see it too - what a good idea!  Thanks to Katie and Craig, it is now up at:

MHRI Town Hall at MWHC (what I see from behind the podium)

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  1. Good Morning Everyone: I just wanted to say that I am very excited to be one of the raffle winners, and to say congrats to all of my other co-workers that won this same raffle!!! Did you all see that someone won $100 American express gift card along with Movie Tickets and a polo shirt? I can not wait to get home to tell my son, David who is ten years old that we are going to the movies. These tickets will make our weekend special!! I give 110% each and everyday when I come to work, but I try to give double that to my baby. I also wanted to express how I am enjoying this Blog page. I want to thank Dr. Weissman and Katie for taking the time to demonstrate how to get connected and become a part of this new way of communication. Let me tell you, I just love this new way of sharing. Wow, this is fun, I was able to share this information in less than 10 minutes. Ok, I will talk to you all very soon!! Have a wonderful Day!!