Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Research is a team sport!

For every person who interacts with a research participant, there is a whole team of people who are also involved to make sure the study is successful. Yesterday was the last Town Hall meeting where we presented the associate engagement survey results. I was particularly proud of how our associates view the organization's efforts at teamwork. Overall, most associates (70-80%) feel that there is good teamwork at MHRI and this was a substantive improvement from the survey 2 years ago (column A), than the rest of MedStar Health (column B) and better than national healthcare norms (column C).

During yesterday's Town Hall meeting, a few people shared 'teamwork' stories. We heard how a member of the stats group wrote a program which markedly cut down the time a coordinator in the ambulatory research center had to invest in order to manually go through patient lists. Writing this program was not part of his job bit he did it willing to help out a colleague. We also heard about a big stroke network grant that is going in this week that involves people from 3 MedStar Hospitals, biostatistics department, grants and contracts office, business development and finance. 

Below is my son's team picture from Little League (yes, we are in full swing with 2-3 games each week).  

He proudly shares team stories with me almost every night. 

Using the comments section below, we would love to hear your 'team stories' at MedStar. Thank you for sharing and 'GO TEAM'!

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