Monday, June 3, 2013

Duck Tales at MedStar Harbor Hospital

By Guest Blogger, Katie Kuehn, communications and marketing manager

We wanted to share this tale with you from our colleagues at MedStar Harbor Hospital! (Read the names of the ducklings carefully- you'll notice some similarities to the MedStar Health system.)

"On Thursday evening, Mrs. Mallard and most of her ducklings were gently brought outside by MedStar Harbor Hospital's Facilities team, aided by outside experts. The transition went smoothly, but two clever ducklings must have really loved their courtyard home, because they scurried away and hid. We escorted Mrs. Mallard and the ducklings to the water, where they happily began exploring their new surroundings. When we had daylight to assist, our Facilities “duck tenders” collected the other two ducklings, who are being cared for while we seek to find Mrs. Mallard. If we cannot locate her today, the ducklings will go to a wildlife refuge to live out a happy, safe existence, with – we are sure – fond memories of their first days at MedStar Harbor Hospital.

Each year, approximately 1,600 babies are welcomed to the world at our wonderful hospital. Moms and families know that we take special care of our tiniest patients and their mommies. Clearly, Mrs. Mallard recognized that, and found a safe, welcoming haven to bring her ducklings into the world.

We at MedStar Harbor recognize that we have a unique gift in being situated right on the water. Our system colleagues and visitors often remark about how special it is to be able to look out on the water during breaks and Baum Center meetings, each lunch outside with cruise ship views and enjoy perks like a front row seat to the Blue Angels air show last year.  We’ve said it thousands of times: this is a special place. And to prove it, we had a beautiful mallard and 11 ducklings in temporary residence to enchant and entertain us. What a great thank you from Mother Nature to a team that always works hard – whether it’s pulling together for an outstanding MedConnect II launch or partnering day-to-day to provide phenomenal care to our patients and their loved ones.

Special thank you to the Facilities team, and especially Bob Decker – who shall henceforth be known as Bob Ducker. They never missed a beat in completing their tasks, while also making us all feel special by taking such good care of Mrs. Mallard, and Harby, Sam, Unnie, Franklin, George, Rehabitha, Washington, Mary, Newbie, Monty and Star."

From: Jean Bunker, vice president, Marketing, Community Relations & Philanthropy, MHH


  1. I have to say that I work right here at Harbor Hospital, and I did not get a chance to see one of the ducklings. I was even told that the duck and her ducklings made the news, and I still did not see them. This was a big thing for Harbor because employees were taking pictures, and the buzz around the hospital was all about the ducklings. I remember that some people said that there were 9 ducklings, while other proclaimed that they saw 11. Well, it has been documented that the correct number is 11. Thanks for sharing! We finally had something happen here at Harbor that made the blog. Please excuse me, but I had to comment on something that happened right here in my neck of the woods. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Super cute! Love the names!

  3. Please check out the Peabody Hotel in Orlando as a possible retirement home; they traat ducks royally!