Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pictures from MHRI Town Hall

Before starting the MHRI Town Hall meetings last month, we 'rolled' a series of pictures of how our associates came together for wellness and associate engagement activities.  Someone asked if I would share them so here they are!

'Go Red' in support of Heart Month:

(From left): Katie Carlin, Michele Lee Clements & Veronica Harris, UTC
Oncology Research



Lets Go Green and eat healthy now:

Gray Crum, UTC

Myisha Henry (left) and Karen Wade, Human Resources, UTC

Lets end with the National Strawberry Month celebration:

Cardiovascular Core Lab


  1. Regarding the pictures above, I want to say that they were very nicely done!!! Good Morning Dr. Weissman, I really wanted to thank you for sharing how the employees are getting together to show support for the month dedicated for the Heart. I feel that not only should we have a day for this occasion, but we should share more information about the heart and how hard the heart works for us. I just had a conversation with my son this morning to tell him that the heart has a big job to do in that it has been beating from the day we were born and it will continue to beat until the day we leave this earth. I was surprise that his next question to me was, "Mommy, how many beats does my heart beat in a day?" I told him that an adults heart beats about 70 beats per minute. I also told him that a child's heart will beat even more times than that per minute, but I was not sure the amount. I just looked it up, and this is what I found. A child's heart can beat about 100,000 times in one day and about 35 million times in a year. I did tell him that if he is good to his heart, his heart will be good to him. This was another great opportunity to explain to him why it is so important to eat healthy foods, not to smoke or do drugs, and to exercise throughout his lifetime. To come in and see the post of how my co-workers are wearing the red attire and positioning themselves in a heart shape was awesome. I also enjoyed the encouraging health signs held up by them as well. Way to go!!!! I will share this post with my son David when I go home today. Thanks Again! Ok, I must get to work now!

  2. The pictures are great! it would be nice to have the associates' names included so we can recognize our fellow MHRI'ers who are at different locations

  3. great idea! we will put some captions on the pictures. thanks!

  4. Very nice picture of NRH folks surrounding Justin's memorial stone.