Saturday, June 8, 2013

Surveying MHRI Customers?

Does a research institute have customers?

While we don't usually think of them as 'customers', we actually do have many in which we serve; in that sense, yes, we do have customers.  MHRI is here to serve and support our investigators, the sponsors of research, our patients/participants, and each other!  That's right - sometimes our 'customer' is other MHRI associates (such as when an associate needs regulatory assistance from the central office).

At MHRI, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. In fact, we have set as an organizational goal that MHRI will provide efficient, customer-focused, user-friendly service in every interaction that showcases our expertise and our ability to provide excellent research support throughout the MedStar community to deliver on our promise of advancing health through research. In fact, we have written this concept into each associates' performance evaluation and individual goals.

So how are we doing?  Well, to find out if we are making progress on acheiving this goal and where we need to place more effort, we are conducting a customer service survey. In its second year, MHRI managers and investigators have been asked to fill out a customer service survey (email with link sent last week) to tell us how we are doing? This survey will assess all the core administrative, scientific and regulatory services and operational divisions (see sample screen shots below):

In our first week, approximately 20% of those who recieved the link completed the survey. Once we complete it later this month, we will get the results to the respective department heads.  From this process we can learn what needs to be done to continually improve our support for research across MedStar Health.  

Thanks to everyone that provided feedback and, more importantly, thanks to all the MHRI associates that put our 'customers' first with every interaction!

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