Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Meditation Journey

As you know, MedStar has been promoting health and wellness for our associates. There is an MHRI Wellness committee that has initiated several organizational wide activities. Each week, associates are given a 'wellness tip of the week' in the 'Important Things to Know' email. Well, several departments have taken initiative within their own area and Sameer is a stellar example with his 'meditation movement' he has started at the University Town Center (UTC) offices in Hyattsville.  Below, Sameer is kind enough to share his wellness contribution.

By Guest Blogger Sameer Desale, Biostatistics

Sameer Desale
We share our life with so many different people--our family, our friends and of course, our colleagues. We share our house, our meals, our thoughts, our feelings, our laughs and countless other things. But, have you ever shared a silence? I don’t mean just being quiet in the same room, but really connected in the moment of peace that is equally shared and enjoyed. 

That’s what we try to achieve in meditation sessions at UTC. It’s a journey… in our inner being… that we travel together, to reach a destination where we are all in the same state of peace and joy that is equally shared. When I started meditating about 12 years ago, I never knew such a state existed and could be achieved so easily. And the best part is that you can share it with others! All good things we enjoy more when we share. It’s like you find a new place and know how to get there, then you take others and show them how to get there. That’s what motivates me--to guide people and show them that place. Once they see it, the joy and the understanding is evident in their expression.  

Sometimes it’s three people, sometimes it’s five or 10. Numbers don't matter. What matters is the 15 to 20 minutes of time that we truly give to ourselves, for nourishing our mind, body and spirit. I also conduct meditation class at a public library in DC, and one of my students told me she used to jog in the morning to feel fresh. Now she meditates and she feels same amount of freshness. The first time she meditated, she felt so relaxed that she was calm and confident in a job interview the next day and got the job! In my experience, meditation not only helps me to feel better, but it also actually improves relationships with people. Because we start to understand ourselves, we develop a better understanding of others.     

I am very glad that I get the opportunity to share meditation with my colleagues. It's wonderful when we open our eyes after meditation (sure, sometimes someone needs a nudge!), we know we have experienced something good that will stay with us for rest of the day!

*Each Monday at UTC from 12:30 to 1 p.m., Sameer guides meditation. 


  1. This is a great article thanks for your insight, hopefully I will be able to join you at one of the locations mentioned.

  2. I have appreciated our Meditation Monday meetings. I attended my first session out of curiosity and have grown to understand its benefits and the internal and external change it can make. I find it amazing that we are able to slow down time for a few minutes in a hectic day and leave refreshed and focused to meet the rest of the day.

    It is hard to find time but I encourage those who are able to attend to come. Thank you so much Sameer for sharing with us and thank you to the wellness committee for this wonderful idea.

  3. So well-put Sameer. I enjoy these sessions very much but more importantly I feel very good afterwards every Monday and I secretly wish to do this every day! Doing something good for our body and spirit is mostly a foreign idea to most of us who joggle between work and family life but as I practice meditation more and more I came to believe that I can be more helpful and supportive to my loved ones if I am happy and peaceful within myself. Meditation certainly helps to achieve this state of mind by giving a break to my brain and heart. Many thanks to Sameer and the Wellness committee for supporting these activities that nurture our lives beyond work.

  4. Sameer,
    We are fortunate to have youopen and share this part of your life with us. Thank you.

  5. I always feel refreshed after these sessions. Sameer, thank you for donating your time and expertise.