Friday, July 12, 2013

The MHRI Management Team

Each quarter the managers from across MHRI come together for interactive and informative sessions on a variety of topics. Yesterday's managers' meeting was particularly notable for me.

As you can see in the picture below, Nadine Wethington, the AVP for Organizational Learning at MWHC, led a discussion on our associate survey results. We shared the MHRI results with associates during town hall meetings in May and every manager received his or her department results in June, so this session was a 'deeper dive' to gain greater understanding of the 'why.'

What I loved about the session was that Nadine helped us understand the power that the management team can have as a whole, and how we can collectively address many of what was raised in the associate survey.  By functioning as a cohesive team, MHRI's managers can be effective at making changes that directly address the issues raised. We certainly have work to do, but I am excited about our path forward and doing it with the team.

Managers are currently reviewing departmental survey results during staff meetings and working with every associate to develop action plans. Please feel free to discuss the survey results with your manager and jump in on developing the action plan. By using the department action plans together, we will continue to make improvements in our organization.

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