Friday, August 9, 2013

Developing Research… How Do We Do It?

By: Guest blogger Katie Carlin, director of Research Development and Planning

How many of our readers know what research development and planning is? As the director of this department, my goal is to grow and support research activity throughout MedStar. I like to refer to it as the “nerdy” version of business development. Research development  includes pairing investigators to funding sources, assisting in proposal development, hosting events such as new investigator orientations or the annual research symposium, as well as developing strategic business plans and cultivating relationships with third party research partners.

What I enjoy most about my job is that every day I get to meet with some of the brightest, and most driven and creative investigators across the system to learn about their specific areas of research. From integrated care delivery models to remote monitoring to diabetes prevention toolkits to novel approaches for thyroid cancer imaging, I am constantly reminded of the depth and breadth of research activity taking place throughout MedStar! My role also affords me the opportunity to work with many of the managers and coordinators on the front lines of research – shout out to the WIS coordinators who helped bring together a pregnancy and nutrition proposal! I also can’t leave out our incredible bio-stats team who is always willing to do a “quick” Explorys pull for a critical data point. But it’s not just those groups who help us develop research each and every day. Dr. Weissman often reminds us that research is a team sport. As summer winds down and our internal clocks re-set for another work year, I look forward to interacting with and supporting all the talented MHRI research teams across the system.

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