Thursday, August 29, 2013

MedStar at a Glance

As we start a new academic and fiscal year, many of our routine forms get refreshed. Today, the new 'MedStar Health At A Glance' document came across my desk.... and once again, brought a smile to my face!

Now you may be wondering, why would Neil care about a fact sheet on MedStar. Perhaps because the fact sheet demonstrates the system's growth in the last year? Perhaps he just really likes numbers? Well, both are true, but what really brings out that smile is the first sentence of how MedStar describes itself:

MedStar Health combines the best aspects of academic medicine, research and innovation with a complete spectrum of clinical services to advance patient care.

Read on to find out that we have one of the largest training programs in the country with 1,100 residents/fellows and the stats section lists that we have over 1,000 open research studies in the clinical setting. Along the right side, where it lists 'Who We Are,' there is a section for "Clinical Research and Innovation" just under the list of 10 hospitals.

On behalf of more than 1000 MedStar associates, investigators and resident/ fellows involved in research at MedStar, it brings warmth to our heart and smiles to our face to see our academic work shared as a valuable aspect of MedStar Health.

Access the document online:, or if you need printed copies for your office, email

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