Thursday, August 15, 2013

Working through Lunch

By: Guest Blogger Michelle Magee, MD, MedStar Diabetes, Research and Innovation Institutes
At the last managers meetings we all reviewed the responses to the MedStar Associate 2013 survey and identified different areas that need improvement in order to make our organization a great place to work. Then managers signed up to get together for brainstorming sessions to create ideas and strategies to move things forward in each of these areas. 

I helped convene a group to look at “Reward and Recognition” of excellent associates; the group decided to tackle this issue by 'working through lunch'! We met at a central location, away from the office, to have lunch and discuss the area for which we are responsible. We realize that recognition, such as positive reinforcement, for a “job well done,” is needed more often within the Research Institute. The group also felt that having a relaxed forum, such as a retreat, that would allow time for networking, voicing issues and challenges, and developing strategies for moving forward would be valuable. Other suggestions will be discussed at upcoming managers' meetings.  

It was great to get together with managers from other areas to work on a common goal that will benefit all the associates at MHRI!

From left: Mihri Mete, Sue Shapiro, Oladduni Soremekun, Crystal Bland, Carine Nassar, Michelle Magee, MD, and Michele Lee Clements

Associates: do you have suggestions for how we improve reward and recognition? If so, please comment below or make a submission to 2-Way Communication ( on StarPort.

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