Sunday, September 8, 2013

Georgetown MedStar Investigators' Retreat

I am writing tonight from the historic Aspen Institute Wye River Conference Center on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. This was orginally the home of William Paca, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the 3rd governor of Maryland. This is also the location of the Wye River Memorandum negotiated between Israel and the Palestine Authority in 1998.

Today (Sunday) it is the site of the second annual retreat of investigators and leaders from across Georgetown University and MedStar Health.  A year ago we came together for a retreat for the first time and have continued to work together (as an active Scientific Advisory Board) to identify areas of opportunity and collaboration. Last year we also identified a long list of things that are needed to make it easier to collaborate and when we 'ran that list' today, we were pleased with the progress we have made (but certainly recognized there are many more things we want to do).  One particular highlight from the last year was the Partnership Grants - an idea generated at the last retreat and implemented successfully to generate several new collaborations.

Today, we took advantage of the great weather and took it outside!  In the attached picture, small groups are discussing how we can 'accelerate our future success' together.  I very much look forward to hearing the 'report outs' from these groups tomorrow morning!  Stay tuned and I encourage all 35 investigators who took part today to share their perspective, suggestions and findings we us all!

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  1. Just want to give you a follow up - the second day was even better than the first. The groups reported back and we agreed on 5 areas to focus our efforts on over the next several months: 1) a shared MedStar-Georgetown research agenda, 2) facilitate relationship building between investigators, 3) alignment of research infrastructure, 4) what needs to be done to further enable research and enhance the environment to foster more research and 5) improved cross-campus communications. I am excited about all of these and can't wait to start!