Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jefferson Read, Ike Watched and Obama Tweeted

The MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) Board of Directors met last week at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital.  We covered topics of strategic importance, had a presentation by an investigator (Alex Dromerick, M.D.) and a tour of the hospital.  Upon the meetings' conclusion, we were treated to a copy of a book written by one of our Board members. This was a special treat to know an author of a popular book and to hear directly from him about the topic.

 Tevi Troy is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute is the rare presidential historian who has also served as a high-level White House aide. He is the former deputy secretary of Health and Human Services and an expert on healthcare policy. He brings this level of expertise to the MHRI Board from which we all benefit.

Tevi has written about presidential history before but this book will undoubtedly catch the attention of a broad audience, even people like myself who do not typically read history books for fun; I really enjoyed this one.  As the catchy title states, this book describes how pop culture influences the White House.  I think the quote on the back of the book by Karl Rove sums it up nicely: "Tevi Troy has written a fast-paced, surprising, and shall I say it, very entertaining look at how presidents have affected the culture, how the culture has affected them, and the nature of the presidency itself. A fun and illuminating read."

Enjoy the read and perhaps it is time for me to go out and get a Twitter account!?!


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