Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 Medical Innovations Summit

Through our Innovations Alliance, MI2 (MedStar Institute for Innovation) and MHRI have an ongoing relationship with Cleveland Clinic Innovations.  

This week, the Clinic's Innovations group hosted the 2013 Medical Innovation Summit.  This annual event brings together industry leaders, scientists, clinicians and opinion leaders to discuss a focused area of healthcare.  This year it was 'Finding Balance through Innovation: Obesity, Diabetes and the Metabolic Crisis.'

Highlights from the meeting included:  Senator Tom Daschle discussing healthcare policy, the government shutdown and the effect on medical innovation under the accountable care act; Mark Bertolini, the CEO and President of Aetna, presented the challenges for patients to navigate today's healthcare environment and what patients are going to expect in the future; and my personally favorite was the IBM demonstration of Watson (that machine created to compete on Jeopardy) and how they are using this  technology to aid medical diagnosis.  IBM's Medical Watson is currently undergoing a medical education research study at the Lerner Medical School at the Clinic.

There were many talks on wellness and how prevention is good for people and good for business.  At the Cleveland Clinic, their associates lost a collective 400,000 pounds since they started their wellness program! 

For more information about the summit, go to 2013 Medical Innovation Summit or follow it on Twitter at #MIS2013.

In these pictures to the right, our own Dr Michelle Magee (Director of MedStar Diabetes Institute) asks Peter Orszag, PhD (former director of the OMB in the Obama administration and a principle in creating healthcare reform) a question at the lunch session yesterday after he completed an on-stage interviewed  by Liz Claman, Anchor for FOX Business Network

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