Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Web Presence

As you well know, the web has become the window into an organization. I remember the days when the phone book was a handy reference that we used frequently to find a phone number, address or business (in the 'yellow' pages). Today, we just visit the web. Therefore, MedStar's web presence becomes critical.

While MedStar Health is rapidly moving to a uniformed website connecting all aspects of the health care system, today we still maintain our separate sites. As such, we routinely run analytics to understand how our site is being used. Today, I received the September dashboard:

Some things to note: 3,394 unique people visited our MHRI website ( and viewed about 4500 pages. Most are finding us through Google. 

The IRB and career opportunity pages have always been popular but, for the first time, people are using our website more often to learn about our principal investigators (PIs). These pages have surpassed all others to become the most popular to visit. I use the investigator search engine and investigator bios all the time to introduce people (investigators) to each other. Take a look at the PI search engine by clicking on any of the homepage links (circled in red)!


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