Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where Sports Medicine Research and Oncology Research Collide

By: guest blogger Becky Montalvo, executive director, Oncology Research

Andy Lincoln, ScD, MS, (left) director of the MedStar Sports Medicine Research Center at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, recently attended one of our Oncology Research staff meetings at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

Our staff has had an interest in learning more about the other kinds of research taking place throughout MedStar, and have incorporated staff meeting guests as part of a continuing education Action Plan.   They were specifically interested to have Andy come in to discuss his niche area of sports medicine research.

While the meeting was low key, what Andy taught our staff about was informational, interesting and very much enjoyed. Like at our recent town hall meetings, it’s important for research staff to learn more about what goes on outside their research areas. When we expose our staff to other types of research, we expose to other worlds, and give them the opportunity to find ways to collaborate throughout disciplines. We open up the communication lines, and reinforce pride in MedStar Health Research Institute.


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