Friday, December 13, 2013

It's our 50th Anniversary!

Believe it or not, MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) had a 50th birthday just recently and we used the end-of-year celebrations over the last few days to toast this momentous occasion.

MHRI can trace its roots back to its founding as the 'Research Foundation of Washington Hospital Center' which was incorporated in June 1963. Soon afterwards, in September 1963, the Hyman Research Building was dedicated on Hospital Center campus. The 1970's saw the creation of the IRB and separation of the research board from the hospital board with the formation of the  Medlantic Research Foundation. In the 1980's, we opened a clinical research facility on Capitol Hill and the first endowment was created. Dr. Barbara Howard became the second president of the organization in 1991, bringing significant NIH funding and leading the organization to grow from approximately 30 employees to over 300 as MedStar Health formed and we became the research arm for the entire system.

Our year-end celebrations also included some fun facts from 1963, such as:
  • General Hospital debuts on ABC
  • Coca-Cola introduces its first diet drink - Tab
  • Zip codes are initiated by the US postal service
  • Beatles release 'I want to hold your hand'
But, the highlight of the end-of-year events was the "Guess Who: Executive Edition," which featured baby pictures of the MHRI executive team from 1963. Want to' guess who?' Here they are:

Joan Bardsley (with long hair)

Mary Anne Hinkson

Neil Weissman

Karen Wade (on horse)

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