Friday, January 31, 2014

A Busy Week

I am often asked what a typical week is like in my role as MHRI president. My response is always the same - there is no such thing as a 'typical' week and that is what I love. Every week brings new experiences, faces and opportunities which allow me to engage in activities that pull upon my administrative, academic, investigative and clinical interests.

I write this at the end of a busy week. Several times this week I said to myself, "oh, this would be a good thing to blog about" but here it is, Friday evening, and I did not get to blog about any of the things I wanted to this week. So instead, I thought I would answer that pervasive question "what do you do each week" to give you a sample:

Monday - Started the day at Georgetown University discussing regional approaches to research and cross-campus collaboration. I then spent the majority of the day at the MHRI admin offices at University Town Center (UTC) with one-on-one meetings and our executive team meeting. The highlight of my day was catching up with the OCGM (Office of Contracts and Grants Management) team. 

Tuesday - Back-to-back finance meetings with administrative directors occupied most of the day. We do this monthly to go over the revenue, expenses and budget implications for each department. These meetings are a great opportunity to learn about new studies or challenges each scientific center is experiencing. This month, PeopleSoft conversion was a focus. 

Wednesday - The day was dedicated to my own research activity. I worked in the core lab on studies investigating new types of heart valves. I ended the day heading downtown to meet with a leader at the AAMC (Association of Academic Medical Centers) to discuss their ROCC (Research on Care Collaborative) program. 

Thursday - Started by kicking off our quarterly investigators orientation, then headed to MedStar Washington Hospital Center (MWHC) to do some clinical work and then plow through more than a dozen resumes with the search committee for the next VPMA at MWHC. 

Friday - Ended the week with an exciting meeting at NIH. A small group of us were invited to meet with the director of the clinical center on the Bethesda campus. We learned about their priorities and had a chance to share information about MedStar. We walked out identifying 'next steps' to identify specific research projects which could lead to mutually beneficial collaboration. A perfect end to a busy week!

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  1. This post could be subtitled: "What makes Neil tick." Sometimes the most full weeks can be the most fulfilling. Have a rejuvenating weekend before the next wave! -vanita