Thursday, January 9, 2014

MHRI Board of Directors 2014

In previous blog posts I describe how, as a non-profit entity (501C3), MHRI has a Board of Directors.  Every MHRI associate should be very proud that our Board is composed of nationally acclaimed experts in healthcare.  A full list of our Board members are on the MHRI website at:

At our last meeting we welcomed 3 new Board Directors:

Mr. Craig Lipset is Head of Clinical Innovation for the Worldwide Research & Development division at Pfizer. His team is managing initiatives and investments that impact development of the Pfizer portfolio today, while collectively redefining the future of clinical research.  

Dr. Barbara Mittleman is Vice President, Clinical and Head, Immunology at Nodality, Inc., a southern San Francisco biotechnology company focused on diagnosis and drug development support. Before joining Nodality, Dr. Mittleman served as Director of the Public-Private Partnership Program at the NIH, developing an agency-wide approach to partnering with public, private, advocacy and other organizations to meet NIH’s biomedical research mission. 

Dr. Dana Frank is an internal Board member.  As chairman of Medicine for MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital and MedStar Union Memorial Hospital he has been a strong advocate for the importance of academics to advance health. He champions novel methods of delivering  higher quality care to our community.

Below is a composite picture of the 2014 MHRI Board of Directors: 

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