Monday, January 20, 2014

Teaching Scholars Celebrates 5 Years!

Last week, the MedStar Teaching Scholars program graduated their 5th class and celebrated the event with our traditional Capstone (poster and oral presentations by our graduating class) and a special recognition of our alumni. Some Teaching Scholar alumni provided updates and shared how the program has led to professional advancement.

Starting next month, the Teaching Scholars program will start version 2.0!  We will build on our success (small classes, one longitudinal curriculum, importing the excellent AAMC faculty to teach the MERC (medical education research certification) program, small work groups, journal club and a pilot project).  The revision is that we will lay the foundation for sustainability by extending the program to a second year so participants can either continue the research project to completion or revise their pilot project based on preliminary experience to redesign it into a definitive research study.

The other addition in 2014 will be the pilot of a parallel program called MedStar Research Scholars.  This will be run by Jason Umans and target faculty members that want to launch a career as a clinical investigator.  More on this program as we gain some early experience!

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