Sunday, February 9, 2014

Grant Rush

Anyone who has written a grant proposal is aware of the final sprint that takes place at the end of the process. 

Last week I blogged about my busy week – but this week I want to flip the tables and highlight all the investigators and associates across the system that put so much time, energy and brainpower into the proposal writing process. It can be painful, tedious and down right exhausting…. BUT then there’s that moment when it all magically comes together and the deadline is somehow, against all odds met! 

This afternoon Angela Thomas and Sarah Wright Gaul helped to get Dr. Terry Fairbanks and Dr. Kelly Smith’s P30 grant application (Patient Safety Learning Laboratories: Innovative Design and Development to Improve Healthcare Delivery) organized, printed, copied and boxed up for the carrier pickup (Yes, in some cases the federal government (AHRQ in this case) still requires paper NOT electronic submission).

This was no small feat as the P30 funding mechanism supports Research Program Projects and Center development, so imagine three R01 applications all rolled up into one proposal. Congrats to the entire study team who all had a VERY busy week….and to Angela and Sarah who survived the final sprint and completed the boxes a whopping two hours before deadline!

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  1. Thanks Neil! It definitely was a team effort that we're all proud of!