Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wye River and Medstar Scholars

In 1998 there was a historic meeting by the leaders of the Middle East that President Clinton arranged in order to broker a peace accord.  This meeting took place at the Aspen Institute's Wye River Conference Center, which is just over the Bay Bridge a few miles beyond Kent Island. The result of this meeting was the 'Wye River Memorandum.' 

That conference center continues to host many important delegations, including (at the end of last week) the new class of MedStar Teaching Scholars! This year's class marks the beginning of version 2.0 of the course, moving to a two year curriculum that will insure sustainability of their academic efforts.  Also launched at this gathering was a new initiative to leverage the success of Teaching Scholars and expand it to faculty that want to launch an academic career as independent investigators. Under the direction of Dr Umans, we are piloting this new MedStar Research Scholars program.

While several pictures were taken (including the one above where the group unwinds after a long day), my favorites are below. 

This is the picture from 1998 of Netanyahu, Albright and Arafat in the library at Wye River:
And here is the picture from 2014 of Evans, Padmore and Weissman in the same seats! Hope our efforts turn out to be more productive! If nothing else, next time I am there, I need to move those books around behind me - they don't appear to have been touched in 16 years!

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