Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Power of "Hello"

During our New Hire Breakfast this past Monday, we asked our new associates what matters most to them at work.  Delmonica Glaze, who recently joined the research team at Washington Cancer Institute, reminded the group how important it is to create a friendly working environment for each other. She said that you’d be surprised at how a simple smile to someone in passing, even if you don’t know them or even speak to them, can completely change their outlook.
Delmonica, doing what she does
best, smiling! 

Delmonica added, “Giving a smile and saying hello makes the working environment more pleasant.  And even though we are employees, we can also benefit from a smile and a friendly hello because we are all people too. You never know, that smile may be just what your co-worker needs to make a busy day manageable.”

At MedStar Health we are all very proud of the good work we do for our patients and how we advance health for future patients. However, what brings me even more pride is how we do this great.  Here at MHRI we always stress the importance of our core SPIRIT values which stand for Service, Patient First, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Teamwork. These exemplify HOW we do our great work and not just what we do. Three of those values—Service, Respect, and Teamwork can be amplified daily by a simple “hello”. 

Delmonica reminded me of the power of a smile and a simple 'hello.'  I encourage you all take her advice to smile and say hello to your colleagues and peers. You might just change their day!

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  1. Christine AlhambraMarch 27, 2014 at 4:22 PM

    As a new employee I can say that I am thankful for the folks who have introduced themselves around the office. Everyone has been the "new person" at one point, and it's nice to see friendly faces as you acquaint yourself with a new role