Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We love to hear from you!

Something we take great pride in at MHRI is our commitment to take employee feedback and apply it to our practices. Recently, at our New Hire Breakfast, we received feedback that we should include photos with our new hire announcements to encourage seasoned employees to reach out and introduce themselves to new hires. Well, if you noticed the most recent issue of HR News that came out last week, you'll see we've done just that!

I encourage all of you to take a closer look at these monthly announcements so you can keep up with the latest happenings at MHRI.

Below I've highlighted other sections of HR News as well as brief overview:
  • Announcements- Latest news at MHRI! We use the front pages of HR News to welcome New Hires, to recognize associate accomplishments (SPIRIT, graduations, etc), and to congratulate our colleagues on significant life milestones (marriage, babies, birthdays, etc)
  •  Kudos Corner- A place where you can recognize your fellow colleagues for their hard work and enter a drawing for movie theater passes!
  • Benefits Corner- An area to highlight the different benefits that are available to MHRI employees.  We want to remind associates of the comprehensive Total Rewards package offered by MedStar Health all year round.
  •  Department Spotlight- A place to educate MHRI team members on each departments' role in advancing health through research.
  •  Career Spotlight: A chance to learn more about your colleagues and hear about their background and career progression at MedStar Health & MHRI.
  •  Current Job Openings- At MHRI we always like to promote from within. We also love referrals! Check here for MHRI job openings for yourself or to pass along to a friend or family member! 
A big 'THANK YOU' to Myisha from Human Resources for doing such a great job putting together HR News each month!

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