Friday, May 2, 2014

MHRI First System-wide Managers' Retreat

One of MedStar's great strengths is its breadth, depth and diversity. We serve many people, in many different settings across a large portion of the Mid-Atlantic region. We also offer all types of healthcare, from prevention & primary care to acute, highly specialized tertiary medicine. As the research arm for MedStar Health, we are embedded within the system and share the opportunities this diversity brings.  However, with each opportunity often comes a challenge - for the MHRI management team, the geographic spread and the wide diversity of research makes it difficult for our managers to come together and function as a single, cohesive team across the system.
To address this and build 'research systemness,' the MHRI management team came together for a full day, off site retreat today in Kent Island. We started off spending time building collegial relationships and getting a better understanding of each others' work.  This allows the MHRI managers across the system to work together more effectively.  

We then turned to  understanding preferred learning styles and how it affects the research team and its members.  Lastly, we discussed the preliminary results from the last associate engagement pulse-check survey and the focus group results (the results of these will be part of the discussions at the upcoming spring Town Halls). Then, using our strength as a team, we brainstormed next steps to address what our associates told us in the survey and focus groups.

Overall, I was energized by the experience. Quoting our fabulous facilitator, Nadine Wethington from MedStar Occupational Development, 'I am in awe of this group' and the talent we have across the management team. It gives me confidence it our ability to succeed in these challenging and constantly changing times.

And now for the fun part of the retreat - want to take a guess what these creations are?  Well...........  you will just have to go ask your MHRI manager! 

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  1. Excellent retreat - thank you Nadine, Karen and the planning committee! I walked away with many great insights and look forward to sharing them with my team on Monday!