Thursday, June 5, 2014

Recognizing a Team Effort

This week we submitted several important federal grants and contracts.  It brings warmth to my heart to see a diverse group of people come together to accomplish this.  This is amplified when I get emails, like the ones below that recognize the efforts of everyone:

From Phil Farfel, AVP Grant Development:

Neil - I want to recognize Dr Fishman and her behavioral health team for their great work in putting together a large/complex SAMHSA proposal that was submitted yesterday. I also want to recognize your MHRI team that assisted in this application-- Michele Clements, Ron Migues, and Priscilla Adler. Matthew Powell, from MWHC Community Outreach, did an outstanding job in recruiting the community partners whose role is so vital to this application.  

Thank You! Phil

On the same day I got an email from Dr. Amie Hsia, Medical Director of the Stroke Center at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and of the NIH Stroke Program at MWHC referring to the fact her submission to the NIH went in ahead of the deadline:

That’s great! 
A huge thank you to everyone for this tremendous effort in pulling this all together.With appreciation,


Thanks Amie and Phil for recognizing the team effort! 

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