Monday, June 9, 2014


On Friday, a small group from MHRI was invited to UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) by their new VP of Research.  He heard about research at MedStar and wanted his faculty to learn more and also use it as an opportunity for us to learn about their research interests.

For those that have been to UMBC, it is a very large campus with almost 14,000 students and 500 faculty.  They do $80M in research, including 27 NSF CAREER awards.  Furthermore, they are listed in the top 10 'up and coming schools' in US News and World Report.

It was a great meeting.  About 20-30 of their faculty gave us brief synopses on the variety of research that touches healthcare: from high tech research in nanotechnology for drugs and diagnostics and biomedical engineering for new devices to social/behavioral research in health and addictive behaviors and their Hilltop Institute on the health of vulnerable populations.  They even have a bachelor's and master's degree in Emergency Health Services.

The group was equally impressed with the research across MedStar and our interests in expanding our research portfolio.  Overall, a very enjoyable meeting of a neighboring academic center with much potential for collaboration.  

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