Thursday, July 17, 2014

John L. Green Scholarship Luncheon

Guest Blogger, Joan Bardsely MBA, RN CDE FAADE, Assistant VP Core Scientific Services

It is always great to celebrate  the accomplishments of others.  I was recently invited  to a wonderful luncheon hosted  by Dr. Weissman  to recognize Suzette Van Buren Hayes’ winning of the  John L. Green Award. 

The John L. Green scholarship awards a MedStar associate who exemplifies excellence, leadership, and commitment. This award is in honor of the late John L. Green, executive vice president of corporate services who served in executive leadership roles at Medlantic Healthcare Group and MedStar Health from 1983-2002, and on the Morgan State University Board of Regents in Baltimore.

This scholarship will support Suzette in continuing  her pursuit of a Masters in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner.  Dr.'s Vanita Aroda, Dawn Fishbein,  Neil Weissman, Angela  Thomas  and I took such pride  in the  work that Suzettes is doing.  

Most memorable was Suzette's request for  the advise we could give her on balancing the  good and bad of her academic studies.  The advice from the group was really great. I think  we all learned from each other with sage thoughts and philosophies shared .   

Although  we are all busy, taking time to celebrate helps to make memories. This was truly one of those memories  we will  all share. 

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