Friday, July 25, 2014

Are you aware of the email address:

Do you know what it is, how is it used and what you should do with it? 

With MedStar Health being such a large system, we thought it would be helpful to establish a central point of contact for all things research. 

Whether you have a question about volunteering/internships/career requests, would like to participate in a clinical trial, have a request for a specialist/collaborator/investigator for sponsored studies, have questions about the IRB process, or have biostatistic and data management needs-think of this email address as a one stop shop.

An a MedStar associate or investigator, this is also a good email to share with anyone that asks a question about research at MedStar that you can not answer.

With the email address your questions will be answered within 24 business hours. If we don't have an answer for you right away, we will direct you to the right contact that can assist with your needs.

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