Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Research Scholar Recipients

Guest Blogger, Jamie S. Padmore, Vice President Academic Affairs

Research endowments help support some very special experiences.

Last week our endowed summer research scholarship recipients had the opportunity to meet the creators of the endowment that supports their summer experience.  These Georgetown medical students are between their first and second year of medical school, and doing their research at various MedStar sites in a wide variety of disciplines. 

Samuel McAleese and Daliha Aqbal are pictured with Dr. William Oetgen.  Samuel and Dahlia are recipients of the Pellegrini Scholarship, and are performing their research this summer in MedStar's Quality & Patient Safety departments.  Samuel is focused on sepsis, and Dalhia is focused on operating room safety.  Dr. Oetgen is a cardiologist, a senior executive at the American College of Cardiology, a member of the MedStar Health Board and established the Pellegrini endowment in honor of his father-in-law Dr. Pelligrini, an alumni of Georgetown Medical school. 

In the second picture, Dr. Carolyn Kleinman and her husband Mr. Wayne Pines are pictured with Laura Kirkpatrick, the Pines-Kleinman Mental & Behavioral scholarship recipient.  Laura is conducting her research on post-traumatic illness at Georgetown in the department of psychiatry.  Dr. Kleinman is a forensic psychiatrist in Washington, DC and Wayne Pines is formerly from the FDA and was the past chairman of the MHRI Board of Directors.  

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