Monday, September 29, 2014

Making that 'Go' vs 'No Go' Decision

For every investigator that designed and implemented a research study, they know that there is a moment (or two or three!) of apprehension when you wonder if this study will prove the hypothesis true or not (or even worse, if the study was designed well enough to be able to answer the research question).  Many times, we do a pilot study first, to test feasibility and get data to determine the sample size.

For the  2014 Teaching Scholars, that is exactly what happened last week.  They have each been conducting a pilot and at our recent off-site meeting, they had to present their preliminary results to each other.  Then, the next day, we all sat around the picnic tables and each person shared whether they felt their study was a 'go' as is, needed modification or should be scraped because it was a 'no go.'

This proved to be a great exercise because after their decision, the rest of the group voted.  In most cases, the group agreed with the  investigator but there were a few that the group encouraged the investigator to continue even when they did not (or modify in ways the investigator did not consider).

All in all, a very educational experience for all - just look at the picture to the right - everyone was much happier after getting to the point of making a decision! 

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