Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time Flies By

I thought I would share with you some reflections.

I had the chance to spend Friday and Saturday at Cornell Medical School where I graduated in 1988. They hold a reunion every two years so this was my '25th anniversary' along with the class of 1989.

I took the opportunity to visit with my first medical mentor, some colleagues I continue to collaborate and with some that I met for the first time.  Among the highlights was to meet with the lead of their new joint clinical research office, a partnership between Cornell University and New York Presbyterian Hospital. There was a lot to be learned from their early experience and successes.    

Another highlight was being selected to take part in a panel discussion in which a patient was presented and a representative from the graduating medical student class from 50 years ago, from 25 years ago (yours truly) and a current medical student all shared how they would have taken care of the cardiac patient in their era as a medical student.
Here was the case:  

A 50 year old gray haired advertising executive is admitted with chest pain after a night of carousing with twins – His name is Roger Sterling, and it is Episode 10 of Season 1 of Mad Men (see picture to the right).  It was remarkable how much medicine changed over our lifetimes; I now realize I was a student during the period that there was effective treatment for acute myocardial infarction for the first time. The current student took it all for granted.

And of course, it is always good to see people you worked so closely with for several years and got to know very well, but have lost contact with over time.  Of the 100 people in my medical school class, about 40 made it back for this event - quite a remarkable group of people who span medical leadership roles throughout the country.... and an enjoyable group to see again, as you can see from this picture below taken at a class dinner. 


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