Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What I am buliding

Guest Blogger, Maria DiSebastiano, Provider Relations, MedStar Family Choice

After reading Dr. Weissman's President message in the October issue of FOCUS, I thought you may be interested in hearing what I am “building”.

Along with others, I am building a community  extension of the MedStar Health “Garden”  through MedStar Family Choice. Allow me to explain. Yesterday while listening to a preacher I learned that the Garden of Eden was named such because it was “guarded” by God’s Angels and therefore the “Gardener” was the one who tended the “Guarded” place in the earthly realm. This is why Jesus was mistaken as the Gardener by the ladies who came to the tomb….because the tomb was suppose to be “Guarded” and the Roman Guards were sleeping.

How does this apply to me and my co workers building the community extension of the MedStar Health “Garden?”   

I see MedStar Health Research as being the “Gardener” in that it guards what is being built and along with all the support and guidance that you are providing us (the hoe and the rake and the shovel and the seeds and the water) we are building an extension of the  MedStar Health Garden in MedStar Family Choice, which reaches out to the community and assists in providing valuable preventative support to the its members. We make sure to choose only the best community providers (seeds) and keep them informed on how to care for our members (hoe and rake and shovel). We call (water) members  to make sure they schedule and complete their annual exams for themselves and their children and we provide great education (more water) in health fairs to teach them about making good nutritional choices, among other things.  All this “cultivation”  results in greatly reducing the ER visits and Urgent care visits of our community members and thus produces a healthier “Garden!”

And the best part is we don’t need to wait for Spring time to plant and cultivate our “Garden”…we do it all year round!

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