Monday, March 9, 2015

It Warms My Heart - the 4th Annual Research Symposium!

What a Wonderful Event!

Approximately 400 people from across the MedStar-Georgetown community came together today for the fourth annual system-wide MedStar Health Research Symposium in Columbia, Maryland. Approximately 130 investigators presented late breaking research findings in diverse areas, from cardiology to oncology, neuro-rehab, diabetes, critical care and more.  We had a very nice mix of clinical and translational research and health services research. 

This program brought people out from around the system - in addition to the scientific community, we had members of the corporate executive team, hospital leadership, department chairs and philanthropy leaders.  As I stated in my opening remarks, 'it warms my heart' to see the depth and breath of research, the interest and support of the research from across the system and how  our academic world is integrated into the 'real world' healthcare environment of MedStar.
While there were many highlights, I particularly enjoyed the keynote speech by Dr. Joe Selby, the executive director of PCORI who spoke about the potential of research in the community care environment.

It was also great to see the full launch of our 'Research Brings Hope' campaign and introducing it to a wider audience. 

I want to send a huge thanks to all of the investigators and attendees that came out to support Med Star Health’s research initiatives and to the absolutely fabulous MHRI  associates who were wonderful hosts and made sure the event went without pause.

Remember, you can continue the collaboration and share the Symposium with those that were not able to attend by visiting the virtual Symposium created by SiTEL which will include all submitted posters. You can find the virtual symposium here:

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  1. Michelle Magee, MDMarch 16, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    Looks like a fabulous turnout !! I hear I was there in spirit on one of the Research Brings Hope Posters. I see Jeff Dubin and Carine Nassar in one of the photos discussing spread of their research managing diabetes in the ED within the system. Congratulations to all.