Monday, April 20, 2015

Please See Me

As we continue our journey to maintain High Reliability at MedStar Health, it is important to recognize one very important relationship-- one between a care provider and the patient. When we learn to partner together and appreciate each other for who we are-imperfect, multifaceted human beings-we move closer to becoming a true High Reliability Organization (HRO), and we can deliver on our commitment to provide the highest levels of quality and safety to our patients and our research participants.

In the video below, "Please See Me" highlights the perspectives of the most important communication dynamic in healthcare. I encourage all of you to watch this 3 minute video, and to keep the questions and comments posed both in mind, and add to the discussion on MedStar's YouTube page. Through patience, understanding and diligence, we can avoid missed opportunities and potential errors or issues that often are overlooked. We can take advantage of our humanity to aid each other in ways computer-based clinical decision tools and algorithms cannot. 

"Please See Me" also reflects on our promise to patients and research participants as care providers to engage in meaningful conversations so we better understand and honor their needs, values, preferences and goals. It showcases what we need to do, as caregivers and investigators, to achieve high reliability and deliver the highest levels of quality and safety throughout all aspects of healthcare.  

"Please See Me" embodies our vision as the trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health.

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