Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good Catch Monday's

Every Monday, the MedStar Quality and Safety Department recognizes someone who has made a "good catch" to help raise awareness and to continue our journey as a High Reliability Organization. This past Monday, MHRI was recognized for a catch during one of our research studies. Read below for this particular story and how we all work together to keep our patients safe.

Medical research is not always easy-to say the least! Participants in clinical research are a critical part of advancing knowledge and clinical care. One of the most important aspects of successful research is in engaging and retaining study patients that fit the requirements of each very specific study. MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) is the research arm that conducts research throughout our organization, and one that you will undoubtedly hear more about in the coming weeks and months. In the Good Catch story that follows, you will see how a successful research program is contingent upon safe, high quality care delivered by care providers and research teams alike across our system. Not only does the Allergist at MGUH go above and beyond to keep this particular study on track, but the entire MedStar team is recognized by the patient as having delivered good care. 

Today's Good Catch is from MedStar Health Research Institute
A study participant came in to take part in a research study. It had been determined that he was qualified to participate, however, one exclusion of this particular study was allergy to any of the medications that could possibly be used in the study. This participant had reported a reaction to Bactrim (a sulfa drug) about 20 years ago, which could indicate risk of allergy to one of the medications of the study. The participant was unclear if the reaction he had had was a true allergy to sulfa drugs. He was very interested in participating in the study, but the research team and patient needed a better understanding of his allergy risk before proceeding. The research team offered to connect him to an allergist to learn more about his allergy status.

Once the study sponsor and IRB approved allergy testing, with specific testing using the possible study medicine, the team was able to get the participant in to see MGUH Allergist, Dr. Stefano Luccioli, on short notice. On behalf of the research team at the MedStar Community Clinical Research Center, Amy Loveland, GRADE Program Manager shared: "We were beyond impressed that Dr. Luccioli was able and willing to work this participant into his schedule with one day's notice, having had no previous interactions with us. His documentation of his impressions and recommendations in the medical record were crystal clear, reflecting exactly what we all needed to know on behalf of the patient. Dr. Luccioli worked our participant in at the very last minute in order to accommodate our research timelines.  The participant remarked to us how friendly and helpful everyone at Dr. Luccioli's office was, and how smoothly the whole process went. With a system as large as MedStar, it is heartening to know that we can call upon colleagues across the system and they will do whatever they can on behalf of our research participants.  The final bonus is that the participant communicated to us his satisfaction with every MedStar team member with whom he has had contact."

The research team is  happy to report that the participant successfully completed his medication allergy testing. He was cleared to participate in the study and his diagnosis of "sulfa allergy" was clarified in his medical record to "Bactrim allergy". He was recently randomized into the study and now has a better understanding of his own medical condition.

Thank you Dr. Luccioli, Amy and the entire team at MHRI, for constantly working so hard to keep our patients safe.

Be proactive. Be reliable. Be a hero.

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