Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Hire Breakfast 2015

It has been almost 2 years since I wrote about New Hire Breakfast and since we has continued to evolve and improve (and because we had one this morning that gave me such energy!) I thought I would share an update with you today.

Approximately 3 years ago, through feedback from the associate survey and at the suggestion of our managers, we initiated a breakfast with the executives for new associates (those who started within the prior few months).  There are multiple reasons to do this:

1) to give MHRI leadership a chance to personally meet each new associate and welcome them to the MedStar research community,

2) to learn about what brought them to MedStar and what they hope to accomplish, 

3) to learn from their early experience - both what has been gone well and what opportunities are there to improve those early months (this has been invaluable for us to continually improve the process and make the transition to a new job as welcoming and smooth as possible) and

4) to provide a 'secondary' orientation to MedStar beyond the routine - for example, today we talked about how MedStar is growing to become a distributive care delivery network and how we have a great opportunity to advance health by being at the intersection of academics and real world medicine.

I will end by letting you know how invigorating it was to see the talent coming into our organization.  Some came 1) from other research organizations (with several years of expertise), 2) others were already part of MedStar and are expanding their experience by transitioning from a clinical base to a research career and then 3) others were previously with MHRI, went off to get additional experience (and a PhD!!!) and then came back to MHRI in a managerial role.  Great examples of career growth all around!


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