Monday, June 1, 2015

Quarterly Managers' Meeting

Did you know that each quarter, the managers from across MHRI come together as a team, to address organization-wide issues?  

We call it our 'Quarterly Managers' Meeting' - while the agenda varies each time, it is usually a full day of activity that revolves around some major topic (last week, it was the roll out of the associate survey results and the prior quarter it was about professional development with a guest speaker).  The managers often will work through 'councils' (and we have 4 councils that align with our four pillars on our operating plan:  research development, people, compliance and admin/finance).  In addition to working together as an organizational-wide team, we always use the last 1-2 hours for updates and announcements.

Below are a few pictures from our managers' meeting last Thursday where we were joined by Dr Evans (Chief Medical Officer and EVP of Medical Affairs for MedStar Health) who started the meeting with an update on the state of MedStar Health:


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