Thursday, July 30, 2015


Want to guess what that phone number is from?

A few months ago, MedStar Health launched new websites across the system to move each hospital and entity onto a unified platform that can serve the many needs of our organization. While we continue to build research content for the MHRI website ( which connects to all the other MedStar hospital and corporate website ( through the tab 'Our Research', we have already received a lot of positive feedback.

On of the things on all the websites, which we did not think would apply for research, is an 800 helpline.  Our general email ( is very popular but we were less enthusiastic about the need for a toll free 'need assistance' phone number for research, nonetheless that was the format for these websites (see below with the added red circle to direct you to area we are discussing):
 Well, to our surprise, this number has resulted in over 200 calls in the first months since the launch so we will certainly keep it!

If you have not yet had the chance to check out the website, please do.  Since we are continuing to refine it (and the clinical trials section is not yet alive), we welcome feedback and suggestions.  Please send comments to


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