Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Video Collaboration Open House: Friday July 17th

Guest Blogger: Clark Bean, Director, Office of Information Technology, MHRI

Video conferencing is here!!

MedStar has undertaken a system wide effort to provide videoconferencing capabilities for our associates. We recognize that some of the best interactions come from diverse teams across our facilities but travel can be difficult.  To overcome that logistic barrier, MedStar is investing in videoconferencing capabilities.

Information Services will be holding an Open House for staff to learn about MedStar’s new video collaboration equipment and see it in action.  This new technology is designed to support knowledge sharing, collaboration and the productivity of virtual teams across MedStar.  Video collaboration can be used for both clinical and administrative purposes such as collaborative research meetings, Grand Rounds or any project team meeting that normally would require travel.
This open house will be held on Friday, July 17th from 9am till 12 noon.  The open house will be broken into six, half hour sessions where the End Users can visit the integrated rooms at CCO or one of our hospitals listed below.  For the first 20 minutes of the half hour the “trainers” will demonstrate the StarPort VC page ( to show the prepared support aids, the scheduling process, demonstrate the system, answer questions, etc.  

There will be a system wide conference during the last 10 minutes of each half hour session.  Mobile Carts will also be included in the demonstration.  Locations, rooms and demonstration times are shown in the chart below.   

*************Rooms Involved and timeframes*****************************

9am to noon
Parker 4/3
9am to 11:00am
6D10 & 6D8
9am to noon
Hand Center Conference Room
9am to noon
Baum Teleconference
9am to noon
Conference Room A
9am to noon
3rd Floor Conference Room
9am to noon
Library Conference Room
9am to noon
9am to 10am
Admin Conference Room
10am to Noon
2nd Floor Conference Room
9am to noon
Conference Room G
9am to noon

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