Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Watching History

Guest Blogger, Katie Carlin, Director, Research Development, Planning and Communications

I’m by no means a politician, but there’s something pretty cool about watching one of our own testify live in a senate committee hearing!

I’m currently live streaming Raj Ratwani, PhD and Scientific Director, National Center For Human Factors In Healthcare testify on the topic of “Achieving the Promise of Health Information Technology: Improving Care Through Patient Access to Their Records.” He is joined by the Founder of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation as well as the GM for Health and Life Sciences at Intel. The US Senate Committee on Health and Education (comprised of 22 senators) is discussing the current usability state of EHRs and how patient access, safety and understanding of data can be better improved with more uniform guidelines.

It’s a wonderful and proud moment to watch Raj represent MedStar and  our stellar Human Factors Engineering Team so well – and more importantly to know that their great work is informing policy which will directly improve the safety and care of every patient in the nation!

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