Sunday, October 25, 2015

W. Proctor Harvey Amphitheater

On Friday, October 23th, the W. Proctor Harvey Amphitheater was dedicated at Georgetown University.  Dr. Harvey was the director of the Division of Cardiology for 35 years (1950-1985) and was internationally known for developing innovative audiovisual approaches to teaching auscultation of the heart.  Uniquely skilled in the art of medicine, unsurpassed in his knowledge of cardiology and celebrated as a teacher, Dr. Harvey became one of Georgetown's most valuable and enduring professors.

With generous donations from alumni, the Wiegand Foundation and from MedStar Health, the new amphitheater was build with a stage centered between two steep set of seats so everyone can watch and learn diagnostic skills and every seat has a headset so they can hear the heart sounds simultaneously.

This amphitheater is also the home of the newly created Georgetown-MedStar Medical Education Institute. This institute provides space for clinical teaching, supports MedStar's educational programs, continuing medical education, joint simulation training programs and the capability to stream live with binaural auscultation anywhere in the world.

In the picture above, John J. DeGioia, President of Georgetown Univeristy is addressing the alumni and guests for the official dedication.

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