Friday, November 13, 2015

Wii Bowling at MHRI

Guest Blogger: Michele Lee Clements, Research Planning Manager

So what did you do during your lunch break this week?

MHRI associates at UTC work hard every day to support and advance research, however they are just as committed when it comes to employee engagement and a little friendly competition!

The associates at University Town Center (UTC) held its 2nd Wii Bowling Tournament, hosted by Clark Bean and Michele Lee Clements yesterday.  The tournament offered Associates a time to step away from their busy schedules and reconnect with one another in UTC’s virtual bowling alley.   

Ten teams were given lane assignments at various times throughout the morning, and one by one they were eliminated.  It all came down to the Final Round featuring the seasoned, self-proclaimed college Wii bowling champions, Matt Hoffman and Alex Kuhn, better known as “The Turkeys”, against “The Enforcers”, Debbie Dasgupta and Maureen McNulty, virtual unknowns in the Wii bowling community who would prove to be stiff competition.  

Tension was thick across the bowling lane as strikes and spares were bowled back to back.  The crowd appeared to favor the underdog Enforcers, but luck (and some skill) favored the Turkeys who, in the end, pulled out the win.  Final score – Turkeys 405, Enforcers 284 with Alex holding the high score of 224!

Congratulations to Matt and Alex who went home with the prized Wii Bowling trophy and movie tickets!  And thank you to all who participated as bowlers and spectators.  A great time was had by all! 

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