Thursday, December 10, 2015


The MedStar Health strategic plan (aka 'MedStar 2020') lays our course to become a distributed care delivery network and one area that the Leadership Team recognized was going to be essential for our future is further development of the talent within our organization.  It is because of this need to further the professional development of MedStar associates that the MLOF (MedStar Leader of the Future) program was created. 

MedStar has now launched 3 leadership training cohorts - 'Top 2000' is a 4-day training session for the 2000+ managers across the system; MLOF Physician leadership training designed as an 18-month longitudinal program designed to provide high potential physician leader more business acumen; and the MLOF Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) which is also an 18 month program for 15 senior leaders at MedStar designed to further their skill set and be prepared for the rapidly changing landscape of health care. The last two are co-designed with Wharton, one of the premiere business schools in the country.  There is also a nurses MLOF in development.

I was fortunate to be part of the first cohort in the MLOF ALP and spent 3 days in Philadelphia on the Wharton campus with other leaders at MedStar (see picture below). Ken Samet, our system president and CEO kicked it off and shared his perspective on the importance of leadership development and planning. We then had great lectures by Wharton professors, some directly related to healthcare and other applicable to all areas of business (change, creativity and innovation, knowledge management, and behavior ecomomics);  and of course, a business school experience would not be complete without a day of finances!

It was an energizing experience and reminds me about the importance of life long learning - I look forward to the next 17 months of the program!

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