Monday, February 8, 2016

Lunch and Learn at UTC

One of the great things about research and a research institute is that we embrace learning and creating a learning environment. It is in this setting that MHRI associates at our University Town Center office suggested (and created) a “lunch and learn” opportunity.  Last week was the first session led by Patricia Evans, from the Office of Financial Management, and the hot topic of the day was how to use Excel more effectively, such as pivot table, along with other tips and tricks.
It was a full house, with associates from across departments there to learn. Some came with skills, others had never heard of pivot tables. It was great to showcase the skills of one of our associates to help others.

With the large amount of data that is available to us throughout our research institute, and from other researchers around the nation, having a new way to look at this data which can enhance our research productivity and efficiency.

It was great to see associates come together and learn from each other - it show the depth of knowledge within our organization and the generosity of our associates to share it.

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