Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Do Your Values Shape Your Work?

Guest Blogger: Antoinette Newman, Clinical Research Assistant, Oncology Research

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“…Day after day, he sat outside a store in Sacramento, California.

[He] was homeless, but he wasn't begging for money. He was begging for a job…

He sat down, clutching his resumé and hoping that someone would pay attention.

He sat down, but he wasn't down and out... He held a sign that said: "Need work and food."

Many take those two for granted. [But he] did not. He didn't want money. He wanted a chance to work and look after himself.

Finally, someone took notice. He posted [about this man] on Facebook.

Now, [he] works as a cook at a restaurant…
Perhaps his values seem quaint. Perhaps his approach isn't something you'd ever consider.
[He] sat on a sidewalk, clutched his resumé and hoped that someone would hire him.
And you think you're too good for your job, right?”

Reflecting back on my days as a medical assistant, I never would have expected to take on any other duties outside of that role. However, I found myself also acting as the CEO of shredding years of piled up documents in a small gastrointestinal private practice, in Newnan, GA. Never in the history of that office had any employee shred as many papers, as I did. Nonetheless, I took pride in what I did. 

Often, employees take so much for granted in the work place. Sometimes, I hear others say “It’s not part of my job description, so I’m not going to do this or that…” or “I’m not on the clock, so I won’t answer the phone…” etc. All employees should want to exceed beyond the sky’s limit every day, no matter their job title. We fail to realize that unwanted tasks, or un-assigned duties help shape who we are not only as employees, but also as individuals as well as, the impact it has on those around us. Perhaps, some people may never know how valuable unassigned tasks are to others until they too are on that very sidewalk the homeless guy sat on. 

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